Greetings! This web portfolio has a sampling of work from some of the more substantial projects I've been involved with. For a more complete summary, check out my listing here.

At long last, a big, fat update is underway with lots of new work from the last few years (yes...LONG overdue). If you haven't visited in awhile, take a look around. Latest additions include work from The Lone Ranger and Men in Black 3.

This site is built with Indexhibit. It's a fantastically user-friendly bit of programming. Check them out if you have need of something similar.

Of course I have to add that the content of this site has been generated either by myself or persons affiliated with the production of these projects. Any downloading, modifying, or repurposing of any text, images, or photographs is strictly prohibited. I know how to google and I've learned that lawyers do too. Be good.